Accident Forgiveness Car Insurance

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Accident Forgiveness Car Insurance

accident forgiveness car insurance

Automobile accidents are very stressful events, both physically and emotionally. They often leave deep scars not only from a physical standpoint but financial.

People are often caught off guard about the overall costs of these incidents, and many get wiped out financially. Also, there is the real fear that a person’s vehicle insurance premiums could rise substantially after a wreck.

Many people wrongly think that after a car crash, insurance costs will always increase, this is just not true, and some providers have excellent plans for accident forgiveness car insurance. This means that your rates will not go up if you do have an unfortunate incident that occurs. Several insurers currently have these programs in place, including Nationwide, Allstate, Geico, and Liberty Mutual Insurance. You must meet some basic requirements to qualify, such as having a good driving record; this includes no prior at-fault accidents or few traffic tickets.

The Truth about Accident Forgiveness Insurance Plans

Many people buy into this unique discount, but is it worth it? For most of the available plans out there, it works like this. For your 1st accident, your premiums will not go up, and you have nothing to worry about, as long as you do not get into another collision. The good news is your rates will likely drop each year you do not get into any crashes by as much as $100 annually, making these plans cheaper if you drive carefully.

Good drivers who are careful behind the wheel and have a long history of clean driving can save a lot and get this added protection. The specifics for accident forgiveness plans do change quite a bit from each insurer. This is why if you are interested in exploring this type of policy to get several quotes and, more importantly, read the fine print before making any purchase.

Some carriers will instantly reward excellent motorists with a long, clean driving record into this program. This includes Liberty Mutual, which will enroll customers right away if they have an accident-free record for five years or more. Customers who qualify are automatically enrolled at no extra charge. You might think this is a no-lose situation. However, the premiums can be higher than other direct insurers, so get plenty of rate quotes before you decide. Liberty Mutual receives excellent reviews for its coverages, but it typically charges more than other companies with similar coverage.

Most providers have set time limits they impose that you must abide by and be free of accidents. Some firms only allow one accident per 3 years, while others adjust the bar at one per 6 years. There are also restrictions set on moving violations and more serious infractions like DUIs or “drag racing.” You may not qualify for most of the market plans if you have any moving violations, and some only allow one per 3 years. Again, just remember to read all of the small print before buying your policy, so you know what you exactly are getting. Get quoted online in less than 5 minutes and get better protection and lower rates with good to go insurance.

Accident Forgiveness Insurance Costs

If you are thinking about getting one of these insurance plans, just know that they generally will be about 10% more expensive per year. The more important question to ask yourself is, what cost increases are you protecting yourself from if you get into a wreck? The answer varies by each insurer and the area you live in. You might get lucky and not have your rates go up at all after a collision, even without being enrolled in an accident forgiveness program.

On the other hand, you could get into a simple fender-bender and have your rates jump up 30% or more. Some studies have found insurers raising premiums by as much as 90% after an at-fault incident with minimal damage. If you have accident protection, this could save you some serious money. On the other hand, if you live in a rural area and do not drive much, the extra costs of 10% or so each year might not be worth it.

The best thing to do is get a quote and see if accident forgiveness car insurance makes sense to you financially. Go online and check out quotes from up to ten carriers in a few short minutes. The rates might be lower than you think, and you can also cancel anytime. Let good to go insurance help you find the coverage you need at lower prices online.