Excess Auto Insurance

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Excess Auto Insurance

Excess Auto Insurance

Let’s face it, car insurance is expensive, and over the past few years, rates have been on the rise. While nobody likes paying for coverage, it is the law and, like taxes, something we all have to do. The good thing about having insurance is that your insurer will back you up if you ever get into a crash. In most cases, it means not having to pay for vehicle repairs and medical expenses out of your pocket. The bad thing, though, about filing a claim is it escalates your insurance premiums, which could make having coverage too expensive for your budget. In Europe and other English-speaking areas worldwide, a popular type of coverage is excess auto insurance.

This form of ins is a bit confusing to many, but in a nutshell, it is an additional level of protection that pays for the cost of your excess when you file a claim. For all your car insurance needs, go to good to go insurance online and save up to 40% in just 8 minutes or less.

What Exactly is Excess Car Insurance?

Most insurers refer to excess as the amount of money a customer must pay for the overall costs of filing a claim. The coverage has two primary forms.

* Compulsory excess

It depends on the driver’s age, the vehicle’s make, the type of claim filed, and it cannot be negotiated.

* Voluntary excess

As the name implies, this amount of coverage can be set up yourself when you get covered. This amount will cover you up and to the limit on your policy when you file an auto ins claim.

Many people take advantage of a straightforward trick to select a higher voluntary amount of excess coverage, lowering the insurance premiums quite a bit. Insurers can give a break on pricing because you are willing to pay a more considerable financial amount upfront if a claim is made. The higher the amount you choose, the lower your premiums will go. The important thing is to set aside the voluntary excess, so if you get into an accident, the money will be there, and the company can process your claim quickly. If you are like many people in this tough economy and can’t seem to save much money, you might want to get a lower level of excess ins. For all your automobile insurance needs, check out good2go online and save hundreds.

Should you get Excess Auto Insurance?

This is a personal decision and depends on many factors. If you have a very tight budget, getting an excess plan that is higher can make auto insurance affordable. The only problem with this is you can’t get into any accidents. In the unfortunate case you do, you might not have the funds on hand to pay for the high amount of excess you will then owe. Some people get a larger excess amount and then forget what they owe when a claim is filed and cannot pay it. Again, always have the amount saved, so you are prepared for the worse, like getting into a crash.

Get Cheap Excess Insurance Online

Everybody loves a good deal, and the best rates on excess auto insurance are online. Most people can save hundreds each year just by going with a direct insurance provider like good-to-go ins. The other nice thing about shopping for plans online is privacy. You don’t have to call several agents and spend hours comparing quotes. With Good to Go insurance, you can compare up to 10 rates in only a few minutes. Before you buy any online policy, make sure you read all the fine print and know what you are getting. Get started today with a rate check-up. The quote is free, and there is no obligation to buy a policy, so you have nothing to lose.