Cheapest Car Insurance in Florida

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Cheapest Car Insurance in Florida

cheapest car insurance in florida
Florida is a vibrant and diverse state with a strong, diverse culture. With just under 20 million residents, it is one of the population hubs in the south, thanks to generally warm weather and low taxes. All those people need to get around, and that is why there’re millions of vehicles on the roadways. Anyone who operates a motor vehicle in the sunshine state needs to be legally insured and meet the legal requirements mandated by lawmakers. Most people, whether they have a lot of money or are on a tight budget want to know, who has the cheapest car insurance in Florida? Let’s start out with some basic averages.

A recent consumer study that sampled several insurers in the area found Floridians pay about $1,100 monthly in premiums. This is above the national average of around $900 but less than other large states like California. One company, Florida Farm Bureau, had monthly premiums as low as $400 in one recent consumer sample, which beat out all the major providers like Geico and State Farm by quite a bit.

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How to Get Cheap Florida Auto Insurance

If you need cheap FL auto insurance, there will be some factors that you can control and other things that are beyond it. Insurers have complex risk assessment formulas they use to determine rates. Some of the key components include:

* The type of car you drive

* Your zip code

* Your Credit Rating

* Your marital status

* Your age

* Your sex (Yes men do pay more)

* The type and amount of automobile coverage you want

One of the things you can control to secure cheaper car ins is the amount of coverage you buy. Here are some basics about Florida insurance laws that you should be aware of.

1. Liability Insurance is mandated in FL, and you must be able to demonstrate proof of insurance at any time.

2. The minimum amount of mandatory ins required for anyone who operates an automobile in the state is:

*$10,000 of PIP or Personal Injury Protection per incident

*$10,000 of PDL or Property Damage Liability Coverage per accident

In some cases, such as after an accident that caused bodily harm to another party that you could not financially pay for, you may be required to carry BIL or bodily injury liability insurance, this will be on alongside your mandated PIP and PDL coverage. If this occurs to you – the minimum amount is:

*$10,000 of BIL along with $20,000 per incident

If you are charged and convicted of a DUI in Florida, you will also be required to get BIL coverage as an added assurance. The state legal limits will be a lot higher if you are convicted of driving under the influence and will be set at:

* 10,000 per incident for PIP

* $50,000 of PDL or Property Damage Liability

* $100,000 for each person and $300,000 for each incident of BIL or Bodily Injury Liability Insurance

Both increasing and adding on BIL will cause your rates to go up quite a bit; this is why it is so important if you want cheaper FL car insurance never to drink and drive. Not only will you save money on automobile ins, but you could save lives, which is even more important. Get your instant quote with good to go insurance online and lower your premiums today.

Florida No Fault Auto Insurance

Several states in the U.S. have no-fault car insurance laws, and Florida is one of them. The idea that policymakers had with these laws were to keep costs lower, facilitate faster payouts when drivers that were at-fault and reducing the high costs of court lawsuits by limiting liability. As a result of these regulations in place, auto insurance companies can offer lower rates than many other areas.

California, for example, has a much higher monthly average premium cost than the sunshine state of Fl. There are some critics of Florida’s no-fault laws and blame the limits on increased reckless driving and speeding because drivers do not have to worry about massive judgements that could cripple them financially. Get your free no fault auto insurance quote with good-to-go ins on-line and save hundreds.

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