What Color Cars Get in the Most Accidents and Get Hit the Most ?

Each year there are approximately 1,300,000 people killed as a result of a vehicular accident and tens of millions more are injured. In the USA, about 33,000 people annually are fatally injured from cars on the nation’s roads. While these numbers might startle you, there is some good news. Deaths are decreasing in the US thanks to incredible technological advancements like surround air-bags and crash warning detectors. The hard truth is, though, accidents happen to even the best drivers and people make mistakes out on the road all the time. There are lots of things you can do however to reduce the odds of getting into an incident. One thing that most people never think about is what color cars get in the most accidents. The reality might surprise you.
If you ask almost anyone what color automobiles get into the most crashes, they would probably reply with red. Most people think of red Ferraris dangerously going 100 miles per hour down the highway or a teen drag racing a red sports car on the strip. We just think these colored cars are more dangerous and explosive and thus, get hit a lot more. We would never think of a boring colored green or black sedan as a car that gets into many accidents. It might shock you, but the color of your car will either put you at a greater risk of getting hit or a lower risk.

If you are concerned about having the safest car possible and are currently shopping for a new automobile, you might want to avoid black ones. According to numerous safety studies around the globe, black cars are about 50% more prone to getting into a vehicular crash. One study in Europe spanned 20 years and detailed over 800,000 car accidents and what colors had the highest crash rates.

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This comprehensive study found black cars were repeatedly involved in more collisions than other colors. On the contrary, white vehicles seem to be the safest cars, as they stand out the most, especially at night. Other notably safe colored autos are yellow and gold. Many firefighting trucks are in fact painted yellow, so they are more visible to motorists and thus reduce collisions.

Why are Black vehicles in more Crashes?
So now that you know black automobiles are more likely to get into a collision, you might be curious why. The answer is somewhat straightforward. Black cars are just plain harder to see than white ones, especially at nighttime. Black autos do not contrast as well with the road color, which is often black, in addition to other background colors. This often results in split second mistakes that can cause a smash up.

At night, the black colored vehicle might blend in too well with the surrounding background, that it might almost seem invisible if it is moving slowly or stopped. While it is safer to drive a black vehicle in the daytime, they still get into more accidents, even with the extra visibility. Dark blue, silver and gray cars also have a higher propensity for getting into accidents, but all fall below the rates of blacked vehicles.

Black Autos can cause your auto insurance rates to go up
Insurers use very complicated formulas to calculate your insurance costs. Everything from your age, sex, marital status, credit and oh yes, the car you drive are estimated. The truth is, you might be charged a bit more for driving a black vehicle, but not that much. Other factors like your driving record and age will have much more weight in determining your rates. However, if you are one of those picky persons who wants to save the most on your auto insurance, you might want to steer clear of black.

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