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Have you noticed recently how many television commercials are popping up promising to get you cheaper insurance? Some claim they can save you 15% or more with a talking lizard and others state you can save hundreds by switching. Let’s focus more closely on general insurance and practical ways you can get a better deal on your coverage. If you apply some basic strategies when you shop for automobile insurance, you can save some serious money. Let’s check out some proven tips.

  1. Be unbiased when shopping for General Car Insurance 

Like all major purchases, you need to be objective and not swayed by emotion when you buy a policy. Just because an insurer has a beautiful, young model in a new car telling you they have the best prices or a little talking gecko claims you can switch and save, don’t believe the hype. Advertisers know that many people buy based on emotional feelings. This is why you see all these crazy insurance advertisements that try and pull at your heartstrings. Stay analytical and totally unbiased throughout your insurance research. Only after you find an insurer that meets all of your requirements and has the best rates, should you even consider how cool their advertising campaigns are.

  1. Get the Mandatory Insurance Requirements in your State  

Many people do not realize that insurance laws are created and changed at the state level. Each state has a section of insurance that oversees regulations. When you purchase a policy in your area, you will be required to carry the minimum legal amounts of protection. Thanks to the net, this info is easy to find. You can go to any search engine and find out the requirements in your state in a couple of minutes. When you find out the legal minimums, then you can buy a policy from there and get the coverage that properly protects you.

  1. Decide on the coverage you need 

There are three basic types of coverage you can get. The first is general liability protection. This is almost always the cheapest kind of policy you can buy. The problem with liability only is, in the event you get into a serious at-fault accident, you will most likely exceed the coverage amounts and could get sued for massive damages. Insurance for collision is important to consider as it will protect you from major financial loss, even in the event you caused the accident. Insurance collision is expensive, but It will pay for itself several times over if you get into a crash even though if you are at fault. The last major type of ins is comprehensive. As the name implies, this coverage will protect you from just about anything that can happen to your car. This includes natural events like hail, wind, water and fire damage. If you are financing or leasing your vehicle, comprehensive will most likely be mandated. While it is not cheap, you will have more peace of mind knowing that if anything happens to your automobile, you will be covered.

  1. Consider adding Option Coverage  

With millions of people driving around uninsured, it might be a smart move to get uninsured motorist insurance. If one of these drivers hits your car, they could total it and put you in the hospital. If the person cannot afford ins, then there is a good chance they do not have any financial resources to repay you. While uninsured driver insurance is an added expense, it is highly recommended. Other add-on options are towing and breakdown coverage. If you drive long distances and are not mechanically inclined, this is worth getting and it is surprisingly cheap.

  1. Go with top-rated Carriers

The financial crash of 2008 showed us all how vulnerable financial companies can be with the bankruptcy of AIG and the near-collapse of other household names like Genworth. Before you buy a policy, do little research on the financial strength of any company you are considering. Go online to A.M. Best and do some basic research into the carrier’s financials. If the provider is rated a C or below, you should stay away. There are plenty of other companies with a B+ or A grades that better deserve your hard-earned money.

  1. Shop Online for the Best Rates

Online shopping is great for almost everything, and insurance is no exception. A smart shopper can find discounted rates that can cut hundreds off their old bill. The most relevant thing to do is get at least ten quotes so you can have a large pool of carriers to select from. At Good to go, we work with only the best general insurance companies online. Our customers consistently save 40% or more from their previous insurer. Check rates in your area now and see how much you can save with a fast online quote.