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Auto Insurance Coverage and Vandalism

Auto Insurance Coverage and Vandalism

It is one of the worst feelings to walk out to your vehicle and notice it has been vandalized. In such unfortunate cases, you not only face emotional trauma, but you could also face unexpected costs. If you do not have the right kind of auto insurance policy, you could be facing severe repair expenses. It means that if you do not carry the proper coverage, you might have to pay for the cost of repairing your car out of pocket. Many people are uninformed about auto insurance coverage and vandalism. Policies that have comprehensive coverage will cover this type of damage, less the deductible. Get a free online rate quote from Good to Go auto insurance and lower your premiums in just minutes.

What Is Comprehensive Car Insurance?

Think of comprehensive car insurance in this way. For almost any damages to your vehicle, other than a collision with another automobile, you will most likely be covered. This type of auto ins plan is different from liability and collision ins. Those policies only cover damages that result from vehicle to vehicle incidents. So, for example, if you got into a road rage argument with someone and they threw a rock and damaged your car door, you would need comprehensive ins to cover this type of repair, not liability or collision.

You shouldn’t, however, just think of this type of coverage related only to vandalism. Comprehensive, as the name implies, can cover so many things that could do damage to your automobile, other than a crash with another car. The list includes hail damage, flooding, lightning, fires, and theft. If you want complete peace of mind and have a little extra money in your budget, then this might be the right policy for you.

Another thing to consider is the crime rate in the area you live in and if you park your vehicle on the street at night or in a garage. If you are lucky enough to park your car in a secured garage at night, then your chances of it getting vandalized go way down, even in a high-crime neighborhood. However, if you live in higher crime areas known for vehicle theft and vandalism, you should strongly consider adding comprehensive onto your policy to protect yourself.

Frequent Types of Vehicle Vandalism

We’ve all heard the stories of “cheaters” getting paid back. Often this can include some severe damage to their beloved car. Here are some of the more common vandalism things that can happen to your ride.

  • Having your tires slashed – This will not only immobilize your car but does hundreds in damages, not to mention the waste of time.
  • Denting damage – Someone that is upset can place a nice karate kick on the side of your automobile and do thousands in damages.
  • Having your car keyed – This is one of the most frequent ways vandals target cars. It is basically silent, fast, and does serious defacing. The car might need a complete paint job after an extensive, deep keying.
  • Breaking Windows – One of the most common ways thieves get into vehicles is by smashing the windows.

There are also less common ways vandals can strike. This includes pouring sugar into the gas tank, egging the car, and of course, graffiti. Vandalism is usually committed by someone that knows the victim. It could be a schoolmate, co-worker, ex-girlfriend, or boyfriend, and in today’s culture, political adversaries. Get quoted in less than 5 minutes with Goodtogo Insurance online.

Filing a Vandalism Claim

You will need to take the same basic steps in filing a vandalism claim as you would in a collision with another automobile. Doing so will help your claim go faster and get the repair process sped up.

Call the Police and File a Report

The first thing you need to do when your cars have been vandalized is to call the police. Most insurers will not pay out on a claim unless there is a police report. It will also aid you in the event you file a lawsuit at a later time.

Contact your Insurer

Contact your auto insurance company and get the claim process started. They will ask you several questions and then set-up an appointment for a claims adjuster to come out and survey the damage.

Get a Witness 

Ask around the area where the vandalism occurred for witnesses. This will require some diligence on your part, but you could also find the perpetrator in the process. If you file a lawsuit against the alleged person, an eyewitness is as good as gold.

Get the Repairs Done

Your insurer will most likely refer you to a verified repair shop that they already do business with. You will need to pay the deductible first; then, the insurance company will pay for the balance of the repair costs.

Get Cheap Comprehensive Insurance Online

Now that you are more familiar with auto insurance coverage and vandalism, it is time to start comparing rates. At sites like goodtogoinsurance, you can save hundreds off your comprehensive policy in only a few minutes. Good 2 Go Insurance has direct-to-consumer pricing that is almost always cheaper than traditional agents and brokers. Get your free quote today and see how easy it is to save more on car insurance.